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Our Team

Impact is not ONE person. The great outcomes we have achieved over the years are a result of the dedication, commitment, and hard work of everyone who has been involved, from Therapeutic Care Workers to Senior Management, via the admin staff and maintenance team.

At Impact, We ALL share the responsibility for child safety.

Here are some of the people currently involved:

Patrick Gosselin
Patrick Gosselin CEO
As CEO and founder of the Impact Group since 2002, my focus remains on social justice. We must improve the lives of those facing difficult circumstances. Through Impact, we aim to bring love, safety, and opportunities to disabled youth and adults. Additionally, I am dedicated to promoting inclusion and equity for the LGBTIQA+ community, addressing their abuse and over-representation in homelessness and drug abuse. Impact is committed to taking action.
Domara Kertabani
Domara Kertabani Operations Manager
I joined Impact in late 2011, starting as a youth worker and becoming Operations Manager in early 2022. With a Bachelor of Policing, I'm dedicated to creating positive changes and supporting community needs. My focus is on engaging with complex communities, crafting tailored therapeutic environments, and improving quality of life. I take a holistic approach, addressing social issues with evidence-based initiatives. Aligning personal ethics with professional values, I advocate for groups with unique and complex needs.
Ash Jot - CA, FCCA, BSc (Hons)
Ash Jot - CA, FCCA, BSc (Hons) Finance Manager
With over 15 years of finance leadership experience across industries, I bring expertise in financial strategy, management, accounting, compliance, and risk in national and international settings. As a trained and qualified accountant in Audit and Corporate Finance (CA and ACCA qualifications), I complement my extensive experience. As head of finance at ICS, my team and I oversee financial matters, ensuring sustainability and compliance. Our dedication contributes to the organisation's success and financial objectives.
Rennae Lange
Rennae Lange Client Services Manager
As Impact's Client Services Manager with a background in Community Services and Disabilities, I joined in 2018, bringing experience in direct care and management within NDIS and OoHC sectors. My role involves overseeing Team Leaders and programs, supporting daily operations, and mentoring staff. As a dedicated advocate for vulnerable children and families, I create personalized care plans, collaborative support, and ensure access to essential services and opportunities. Making a positive impact is my driving force, enriching the lives of those in need.
Emma Kelly
Emma Kelly Reporting and Compliance
Working with young people and individuals with disabilities has been my passion since childhood. At Impact since 2015, I've held various roles to expand my expertise. My nurturing, patient, and caring personality is vital in supporting those with complex needs. I prioritise making clients and participants feel valued, safe, and respected while helping them develop capacity skills and self-esteem. Encouraging relationship-building abilities is crucial for them to reach their goals.
Nikhil Tewari
Nikhil Tewari Human Resources
Talent Acquisition
As Impact's talent acquisition manager, with degrees from the University of Sydney and two years of experience here, I play a crucial role in identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent. My aim is to ensure a seamless hiring process and strengthen Impact's position as an employer of choice. I thrive in our fast-paced environment and value deep connections, and I hope you will too. Join us in shaping our future and driving our organisation to new heights.
Jessica Moylan
Jessica Moylan Office Manager
As a long-standing Impact employee in OoHC and NDIS programs, I'm thrilled to temporarily take on an admin role as I prepare to welcome my third child. My experience includes working as a Child Protection Caseworker with DCJ and holding certifications in Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health, and Community and Human Services. I have a deep passion for supporting vulnerable individuals, striving to make a positive impact on their lives, regardless of scale.